We understand that the first visit to a dental office can often be filled with anxiety and many questions about what to expect.  Upon your initial visit to our office as a new patient, you will find a welcoming environment in which we will discuss your oral health.  In order to provide you with the best diagnoses and treatment options, we will be taking x-rays and gathering as much information as possible regarding your medical history.  You will receive a teeth cleaning and a treatment plan will be presented to you by our doctor and hygienist before the end of your appointment.

If your first visit happens to be on an emergency basis, we will first address your immediate concern and schedule an appointment for a consultation appointment described above.

If you have current x-rays (within the last year) from another dental office, we kindly ask that you request that they forward them to our office.  If that is not possible before your appointment date, we ask that you pick up your x-rays and bring them with you if possible.  If additional x-rays are necessary, we will take them at our office.

If you have any form of dental insurance be sure to bring your insurance card with you to your dental appointment.  You will have 2 forms to complete during your registration, which are available for download on this website.  We ask that you bring an updated list of medication in order to effectively complete your medical health history form.  It is very important that we are aware of any medical conditions (high blood pressure, diabetes, artificial heart valves or joints, etc…) that you may have.  In some instances patients require antibiotic pre-medication prior to a dental cleanings depending on their medical condition.